The White Rose and Wandervogel

Yesterday I stumbled across Hienz Ruther – an influential if somewhat unknown German architect, politician and active amongst the Wandervogel, creating his own sub-group, Jungenschaft. Rutha, Wandervogel, same-sex German youth camps and homosexual influence is fascinating. I have discovered The White Rose – an anti-nazi student political group. This is a tiny short post as i’v been awake on and off all night after a fuckin brilliant surprise gig (Devin Fuckin Townsend!:D) with this going round and round my head. so this possibly isnt the clearest post ever… However I am going to research Rutha, homosexual influence in German Youth groups and The White Rose – THIS IS FASCINATING! I need to know more. And more. If anyone has any good books/research/info about any of these – please let me know..

I want sleep

Beautiful, gorgeous, dead sleep/.

Ha. Work. Unlucky.

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