Rabbits, not Tigers.

It is February. There are 12 hours and 10 minutes until it is the Chinese New Year. Today, is the last day of a year ‘ruled’ by Tiger, tomorrow, it will be a year of the Rabbit. This is When my 2011 will start. January is a retarded time of year. Particularly a retarded time of year, to have New Year. It is a Grey, Broken period of time; desperate times made worse by generic S.A.D behaviour, damp chills, no money. The statistically most depressing day of the year – Blue Monday – falls in mid-January.

2010 was the Chinese Year of the Tiger. Ferocious, vicious, brave, cunning, beautiful, free. If I read into Chinese years and months and believed the philosophy behind it, then perhaps my life would be explained a little…

I was born in September 1986,  also a Year of the Tiger, as was 1998. September is the month of the Tiger, making me a double Tiger sign. Perhaps the wild, unpredictability, sensitive, stubborn, angry, laziness, freedom and struggle to survive notions associated with Tigers reflects back at me…

Alternatively, I am struggling to find reason for life events; wanting answers for what cannot be answered, clinging onto something that ultimately is not a logical, proven or solid theory that I can have belief in. Looking at the surface of the Chinese Zodiac, yes it is interesting, yes I could try and draw conclusions, and yes I could make connections that are probably not even there. However I do not have that much belief in the Chinese Zodiac. This is merely a moment of interest.

However, there is now about 11.5hours until the year of the Rabbit begins. I hope with everything that is and isnt me, that things sort themselves out and this next year turns a corner into a less emotionally breaking period in life. There are many types of Rabbit. The cute fluffy ones you have as pets as a kid (ultimately pets such as these seem to be brought by parents to teach ‘responsibility’ and something about death. Kinda wish I had one to teach me these things when I was that young), Loonies Tunes very own Bugs Bunny, FillaBunny ^..^ Lewis Carrols’ White Rabbit, and many Adult ‘Rabbits’.

David Lynch has apparently directed a film called Rabbits, which sounds dire. Daily depressive life of people in rabbit suits ironing, sitting on couches, walking in and out of apartments. Sounds awesome. So.Fucking.Awesome. :/

This means the rest of the year should centre around Cartoons, Alice in Wonderland and dildo’s 🙂 Maybe 2011 won’t be so bad. And no pet rabbits. Fuck that!


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  1. Sounds like a Good time to watch ‘watership down’ in the dark with a half bottle of brandy

    tu m’inspire!

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