Russian, Standard.

Again, distant crazy lands of magic and mystery have been calling me. I’m not one to believe in ‘signs’ or ‘fate’  as such, but sometimes there seem to be a few too many coincidences that connect in odd little ways for me to not pay attention.

Ljubljana, Paris, Holland, London, Ulan Bator, Moscow – they all seem to be appearing in ideas and conversations – inspiration from times on ERASMUS. See, five separate cities and countries, excluding the UK of course.  After 6 months of ERASMUS in Helsinki and a month of travelling to China and back, I promised myself to leave the UK again, keep on travelling and moving to different worlds. One thing is for sure, I have slipped into the island mentality I always swore to avoid. Well, FAIL, there then. The UK (to those born and bred here) seems to breed lethargy, acceptance of situations that are not always what you want, the belief that it is hard to leave this country and that there is no need to learn other languages.

Although I fully appreciate English is one of the leading languages in the world spoken by approximately 329 million, Mandarin is spoken by almost 850 Million people. Go compare. How many native-English speakers do you know speak Mandarin? Spanish is spoken by marginally more people than English, perhaps this is something all those ex-pats and 18-30 holiday wankers workers should take into consideration.

For about two years, I have been promising myself that I will learn other languages. Russian and Spanish being the priority. About 150 Million people speak Russian, making it roughly the eighth most popular language in the world. I used to know the Cyrillic alphabet; since I haven’t used it in almost 3 years, it’s fallen out of the old brain noodles. Here are some er, beautiful Youtube videos, that are helping me rediscover the Cyrillic Alphabet 😀

First, There was this, closely followed by this. Then I found this one. Girls always sell things better.

The time has come where I need to get off my ass, stop living like tomorrow will not exist, and DO SOMETHING. I can waste time quite well. Its very easy to 🙂 My excuse for the last week or so has been Flu and a chest infection. My face now looks like it is made of dull putty. I was terrified I had meningitis again, an experience that can still bring me to tears in the middle of the night out of pure fear. However, I may be exhausted by walking to the kitchen and back,  collapsing and breathless from coughing, but I know there are things I need to do. Like London and learn Russian.


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  1. glad it was just flu and not meningitis, would not wanna be in that hospital again drinking pure Lemon Squash coz i thought it was juice!! lamo!! I teach ya Spanish!! i mean it!! i do it!! le me know!! xx

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