Another list and Tank Girl

I have made some decisions. 

  • Shave my head for My friends 30th Birthday in March – cult film theme. I’m gonna be Tank Girl
  • Stop caring so much. I am far to sensitive. I need to grow a spine
  • Move to London later on this year. Change, moving on – *not* running away.
  • Start some Open Uni modules
  • Make an effort to pay off my loan, rather than relying on small monthly contributions with butt loads of interest added.


Oh look. I made another list. I need to stop drinking so much also. My plan to do this is simple. I am going to go out with the aim to get completely rat-arsed. Yes, surely this is the a proposterous stupid way to go about it. However, hear me out.

Recently, I have been intending to cut down, stop drinking so much so often. I keep saying I will only have 2 drinks, or only stay an hour. And I keep getting drinks brought for me before I have a chance to protest. This inevitably leads to me staying out longer and ultimately becoming , well, wasted. This is not a bad thing, in fact, I think I owe a lot of you all a fair few drinks. But I cannot afford to continually do this. So, if I go out aiming to get drunk, sods law states that this will not happen. Erm, maybe, yes. Lets see. Alternately, I might just end up alcoholic 🙂 again, lets see. I don’t *really* believe that will happen, as it’s something I am aware of.

Although, seriously I do need to stop drinking so much for the sake of my mental health. I am kinda fragile at the moment, and trying to separate and detach myself from a lot. I am still very sad about recent times, which I’m not going to go into on detail about on here. There is the court case of my friend who was killed by a drunk driver this Friday,

slightly apprehensive. All I know at the moment is that I have to get on and keep myself busy or I think I will actually have a full on breakdown. But hey, I’m eating at least everyday, having some fucking awesome highs (lows.. not so good) and am super-sensitive to caffiene, sugar and booze. Its kinda fun. And I have some of THEE BEST socks in the world. >>>>


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