It’s all a bit French

France, it seems is calling me tonight. Through boredom and attempts at busyness (which have mostly worked, actually) I decised to talk to my friend Rich, in Paris. This was of course, cool. Conversations with Rich generally evolve into ones about writing/illustrating/producing films or stories. Incidentally, we still need to write “The serene snail of Snellingrad, The snail of Siberia, or The anthropod in Andalucia’ , whichever title is chosen. (Yes, I did save that convo as I said I would.)

Anyway, back to the French theme. I have now downloaded thanks to Rich’s recommendation both Micmacs by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet who’s eyes look crazed, and Delicatessen (directed by Marc Caro and Jean-Pierre Jeunet). Both French films. The Micmacs trailer says ‘You have a slug in your brainbox’ WHICH I FUCKIN LOVE. The sentence that is. While Delicatessen promises me food as a post-apocalyptic currency amongst many sharp knives *evil smile*, butchers, disapearing maintenance men, underground beings known as Troglodytes,  snails and slime. According to the IMDB anyway. Sounds goooooood.

In my super-awakeness, my brain is quite up for eating knowledge. Which led me onto philosophy>my last post on time/duration>the bibliography for my dissertation at uni>Henri Bergson>George Berkeley>Immanuel Kant>Maurice Merleau-Ponty>Rene Descarte. There is a lot of Frenchness in the above.

However, it is now 0208am, and common sense and norm tell me I should probably go to sleep before I stay up until 0930am once more. So, my attempt to make myself sleep includes the following: Bath, any booze if I can find it in the house, Badger Sleep Balm (amazing stuff) followed by maybe sleeping pills and reading Descartes ‘Discourse on method and the meditations’. Hopefully all of this will provide sleep. If not, I’m fucked =D

Keeping to the theme, French maids cannot be forgotten 😉


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