I am procrastinating

Lists. –noun

1. a series of names or other items written
printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence
so as to constitute a record: a list of members

Thought of the last day or two. Lists. They are compulsive, logical, obsessive. They are calming to unorganised brainboxs and a physical manifestation of whatever the hell is compiled in the list. They are a nice little bit of control. 
Here is my list of now.
  • Watch Schindlers List
  • Eat
  • Shop in Londis/polski sklep on Lodge Road. I need pizza bread, polski yoghurt, Reeses cupcakes and broadoak pear cider in my life
  • Wash face before work
  • Make time to write more indepth posts on here
  • Research time and duration
  • Make a list of papers I want from googlescholar/JSTOR
  • Take washing out of machine
  • Build a tardis
  • Become awesome
  • More caffeine highs
  • Dawn photography
  • Sleep
  • Finish making mock up of a corset after 5 months of starting to create this and 18 months of owning the pattern.
  • Have mushroom, shisha and wine dinnerparty with the good ‘uns.
  • Apply for MA
  • Find a cuddle friend. I need cuddles. >_<
  • Get an internship with an ezine/media organisation/publication/newspaper….
  • Stop writing emo bollocks on facebook, and here for this matter
  • Sort out real life stuff: Driving license type thing, debt collectors, monies owed to various different horrible corporations
  • Hang washing out (so rock ‘n’roll)
Reading this article, I have discovered my new favourite word. Taxonomy. The science of classification.
Its 2pm, and I have just dragged myself out of bed after finally going to bed at 9.30am for 3.5hours
sleep. I should have stayed up. Now I need to find some motivation to actually do the stuff on the list. And I gotta get to the pub. And drink at least 3 more cups of coffee (from the mug that takes 2 tablespoons of coffee just for normal strength coffee. Any cup like this has got to be pure goodness).And call people to make sure they get to the pub. See, I’m doing it now. Listing things. The fact I am doing this and typing faster the more I write, makes me feel slightly obsessive. Or, perhaps I am just worried about being obsessive and thinking too much about this. Or it could be the fact i’m listening to Rusko (awesomeness) and the coffee’s starting to work 😀 Speaking of which, I need more. And too tidy up after the early hours of this morning.

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