A Smog and a million

I love London. Every time I spend time there, I remember that I want to be there more. Yes, it’s a lonely place. A million people walk by, a million people with a million lives, a million people you will probably never know or see again. Yet there is so much to do, an obscene amount of variety. Always something happening. I love the anonymity – you can be anyone and anything. You can change and adapt and alter. A life as a human chameleon.

I spent most of the last few days in Camden and Soho. I feel the need to have more time in, or become part of the fetish/freakshow/dance/electro/industrial scene in London (this is post-Camden visit, could ya guess?). Probably, I would get bored of the pretentiousness, cliques and exclusive nature associated pretty quickly. I doubt I would find it that interesting after 6 months or so.  I am just another cliché. Probably just a phaze – possibly not. One way to find out!

Wondering around Soho the other night with my housemate from uni times, we found The Ship in Soho. Actually, it was the first bar we wondered past that didn’t look like a Village People hangout and didn’t ID on the door, as Alba (Fail, Alba, Fail! :p) didn’t bring her ID. But, a nice pub. Nice variety of people. Nice music from King Crimson stylee psychedelia, to Down, The Beach Boys and Marilyn Manson. Incidentally, the Marilyn Manson hoody I brought at about 14, got bored of and gave away; should be returning to me 10 years after I brought it. There seems to be a large amount of male-only gay venues in the main Soho streets we wondered. Where are all the lesbian bars? Maybe not knowing Soho and wondering is not a great way to locate these places, not that I am particularly searching for them right now. Had lunch with the lil sis Chloe, we were hippies for an hour or so. This is justified by eating organic, vegan Japanese and Thai yumminess at a restaurant I can’t remember the name of *Brain Fail*. I was concentrating more on eating the healthiness i’m either gonna vomit or shit out at somepoint. To be fair, normally these days id prefere Pizza or bogstandard non-vege Thai food, but the sheer amount of vitamins in this was IMMENSE. And I need some decent nutrition at the moment, any nutrition! mmmm. Nutrients (barf).

It’s been a while since I have sat in a pub, drank *slowly*, talked about everything and nothing and doodled silliness on blank cards to send to randomly selected people (Alba will give me an address. Of SOMEONE). Via Snail Mail. Yes, it actually exists still despite our virtual existences. We are becoming more of a virtual nation. The net is so impersonal. It’s deleting our daily communication skills. Isolating people to the small pieces of robotic beauty and frustration we all own (‘Hi laptop. Hi Smartphone. I can’t exist without you anymore’).

This just makes me think about when I was living in Helsinki in 2008. Human contact, isolation and lack of real, physical, verbal communication was already a national problem. Admittedly, the snow, cold, darkness and ice does not help people to be social bunnies, however that is besides the point. People – to the point of panic – would rather send an email than pick up a phone. If the Finns can avoid talking to someone, they will. At the time, I had 5€ Nokia phone that text’d and called with retro Snake (love it), no TV and the only internet access I had was at my school, Teatterikorkeakoulu. So my time in Helsinki was NOT tech in the slightest. There seemed to be a huge social impact, that has rapidly spread, or maybe its just become a lot more apparent and visible in everyday life. More and more people are living seemingly entirely virtually; forgetting about reality in a quest for knowledge, love, shopping, porn, friends, gaming, gambling, networking, qualifications, news, TV…. You get the idea. Everything, pretty much. This is not a new idea, or even very interesting statement. It bothers me a little that people (including myself) are addicted to an online, impersonal world. Sensation – physical, real, sensation – is such a huge part of life and is rapidly a dying art. I say Art; and art is a skill, something that can be sculpted and formed into something beautiful or terrible. Physical rather than virtual interaction and sensation is not only an intuitive thing, it is something learnt from real, live, experience and practise. This post is rapidly becoming a tangent of tangents, so no more.


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