Its all slowing down

Duration and the passing of time, are fascinating me currently. It’s always odd and unsettling how sometimes everything is over in a split second, whilst other times seem to last an eternity. Rationally, Big Ben and daylight tell us how long a period of time has been. Consciousness and intuition have a right to be included here; inbuilt intuitivite knowledge can give us a good guess as to roughly how long something has taken.  Henri_Bergson my old friend, your theories have re-entered my life. Having not read any of Bergson’s theories in a while, I am now coming to the conclusion that his works are a lot of airy-fairy bollocks in some ways. Saying that, I need to read further, different theories of time and its passing.

But then what happens when insomnia and sleep deprivation appear? Or when you hit lows and everything ceases to have any conscious meaning? I know recently I have hit a low and painful time right now in my life. Things (feel like they) have started to move at a sludge-pace or are blank. Hours swallowed up with by nothingness. I have found myself lying in bed, my phone tells me its four or more hours after I woke. Yet these four hours have been wasted with no meaning or use. They have not even created a direction for the next four hours. They have not even contained any form or sense or thought.

What would happen to the world if it was left to run on individual’s experience and perception of time? Utter chaos would inevitably happen as not much would be in sync with anything else. The chaos and random element would be beautiful and terrible. Beautiful, in an unknown way, terrible in a life/death situation. What if I decided I was going to speed up my personal time by overdosing on caffiene or MDMA? I would probably run around for a good few hours, and on hitting sobriety, feel like time had passed pretty damn quickly. Those people around me, if not in the same state, would not have experienced this. The multiplicity and simultaeniety of time are a constant, solid part of time. This is a fact that I currently cannot pick fault with(unless someone can give me an arguement against, or opposing theory).

Shall continue this later. My break from Goblets is almost over, and this thing called eating and painting a new face on calls. Laters.

(Ps. Might even continue to research BurgerPorn later. Not entirely convinced I want to. Greasy, food filled porn. Yum. Or not. This is not going to be good :s)


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  1. Time is transient and usually a very personal experience; We measure in seconds to try and keep some consistency amongst the world, use timezones to map where we all stand in astrological terms and conclude we function better during daylight since pre-industrial revolution times.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun” before? Kant would feels quite strongly about time, quoting “that time is neither an event nor a thing, and thus is not itself measurable nor can it be travelled seperately” – does this mean that despite our own outlook on life time really isn’t that personal after all and affects everyone the same?

    In regards to personal affection by time, neurological diseases and illness can affect us as well as psychoactive drugs. Something quite interesting to read is ‘the kappa effect’ and also ‘the tau effect’ – See for more.

    Could this be applied to our lives as well, comparing them all as equidistant journeys?

    One thing I know for sure however; Microwave minutes take ten times as long as normal ones.. 🙂

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